Now available: Issue 3 of Inspire – your latest news on RESILIA tissue valves.

November 2022

Issue 3

  • INSPIRIS RESILIA milestones
  • EACTS scientific sessions
    • INDURE registry update
    • Haemodynamics of Magna Ease and INSPIRIS RESILIA valves
    • Mid-term echocardiograph results for INSPIRIS RESILIA
    • Comparison of INSPIRIS RESILIA valve with a conventional stented and rapid-deployment valve
  • EACTS lunch symposia
    • INSPIRIS RESILIA valve in bicuspid aortic valve patients
    • Aortic regurgitation in INDURE
  • Aortic valve in practice: Interview with Professor Olaf Wendler, the first physician to implant an INSPIRIS RESILA valve

RESILIA tissue valves combine a proven design with advanced technology, designed to promote long-term patient benefit and ease of use for physicians. Since 2017, more than 150,000 INSPIRIS RESILIA valves have been implanted worldwide; for patients, this means a life of lasting benefit.*

In this special issue of Inspire, we bring you the latest science on RESILIA tissue presented at the European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 2022 annual meeting in Milan, Italy.

Discover more on RESILIA tissue through the current and past issues below.

Past issues

April 2022

Issue 1
  • Haemodynamic change over 5 years following RESILIA tissue valve AVR
  • Congress deep dive – Professor Ruggero De Paulis on INDURE registry
  • Positive 3-year results for INSIRIS RESILIA valve
  • Influence of tissue technology on pannus formation on bioprosthetic heart valves
  • Prof. Soo’s review of INSPIRIS RESILA valve

September 2022

Issue 2
  • SAVR outcomes in patients under 60 years old
  • Congress deep dive – Dr. Joseph Bavaria on a sub-analysis of 5-year COMMENCE data
  • Five-year outcomes following bicuspid aortic valve replacement with RESILIA tissue
  • INSPIRIS RESILIA valve: A 1 billion cycle in vitro study
  • Valves in practice: Prof. Hendrik Treede

Click here to download the INSPIRIS RESILIA aortic valve Data Compendium

This healthcare professional focused booklet explores the latest clinical studies and publications involving the INSPIRIS RESILIA valve and RESILIA tissue through the review of 24 publications and abstracts.

Each reference has been summarized visually over 1 or 2 slides, for you to save time.

Videos Selected by Edwards

*No clinical data are available that evaluate the long-term impact of RESILIA tissue in patients.

†RESILIA tissue tested against tissue from commercially-available bovine pericardial valves from Edwards in a juvenile sheep model. Flameng, et al. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2015;149:340–5

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